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Founded in 2010 by Prof. Hans Lehrach (Director at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics), the Dahlem Centre for Genome Research and Medical Systems Biology (DCGMS) is a not-for-profit pioneering systems biology research group focused on the analysis, characterisation and modelling of diseases. Through collaborations with leading academic researchers and clinical departments, alongside the expertise and innovation of the private sector, the DCGMS is  facilitating the translation of 'omics' data into a clinical setting through mathematical modelling.



Our ultimate aim is to use virtual 'patient' technology to improve the diagnostic and therapeutic outcome of millions of patients suffering from chronic and debilitating diseases worldwide.







We anticipate that deep molecular analyses combined with clinical and pathological information will become routine medical practice, and form the basis of a universal ‘companion diagnostics’ process. Initially, this may be most practical for oncology, but in the long term the approach will also be applicable for many other areas of medicine, prevention and well-being, providing a truly personalized approach to health care.


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