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What is Future Health ?
The Future of Health Care: deep data, smart sensors, virtual patients and the Internet-of-Humans.

The EU is calling for fresh ideas to identify promising and potentially game-changing themes for future research in technological, multidisciplinary domains leading to innovations with important economic and societal benefits for Europe, in particular boosting investments for growth and jobs.


The Future Health community, a growing network from academia, industry and public office is proposing a 'game changer' - a vision of a truly individualised healthcare and disease prevention system in Europe, based on a detailed characterisation (e.g. clinical, molecular, imaging and sensor based) of the patient/individual and their wellness, health and disease course. A vision that is related to a paradigm change in health care by exploiting the most advanced sensing, computing and communication technologies to enable personalized and preventive medicine in the framework of the Internet-of-Humans.



To make Future Health a reality we are seeking large-scale support through the EU's FET FLAGSHIP initiative.

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